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2017 Taiwan International Green Industry Show

2017 Taiwan International Green Industry Show


Show Dates & Hours


Open to trade and public.

(Minors under 12 are not admitted to the showground)



Area J, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Cenrer, Hall 1(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei 15568, Taiwan)


Organized by

Expo Union Corporation

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)


Supported by

Taiwan Alliance for Application of the Bio-energy Technologies and Its Pollution Prevention

Taiwan Biomass Energy Industry Association

Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association

Water Resources Agency, MOEA

Water Industry Development and Promotion Association

Water Professions Enterprise Information Incubation Center

Water Resources Agency, MOEA


Concurrent Shows

Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition 2017

Taiwan International Air Purification and Sanitation Show 2017

Laser Taiwan 2017

Renewable Energy Week


Major Themes Exhibit Area

Government Pavilion

China Steel Corporation Group, Water Resources Agency, MOEA


Industrial Association Pavilion (NPO/NGO)

Taiwan Alliance for Application of the Bio-energy Technologies and Its Pollution Prevention, Taiwan Biomass Energy Industry Association, Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association, Water Industry Development and Promotion Association.


University / College

Feng Chia University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University


International Countries

Ireland, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom


Exhibit Products

Green Energy

Alternative / Renewable Energy: Wind Energy(OFF- Grid WTGS, In-Grid WTGS), Biomass Energy, Solar

Power, Hydropower Generation Systems, Photovoltaic Power

Power Storage Systems: Batteries, Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic Batteries & Accessories. Power Batteries,

Smart Storage Batteries, Electric Converters/ Electrical Transformers

Energy Saving Products: Energy Saving Tech & Products, LED lighting, Heat Pump Systems, "Energy

Saving Label" Products, Smart Fuel Saving Vehicle, Electrical Vehicle

Smart Grid: Electricity/ Energy Devices & Infrastructure, IT/ Communication Devices & Infrastructure


Environmental Protection

Water and Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Equipment: Water Treatment Equipment, Pire Water

Treatment Equipment, Physical Treatment Equipment

Sludge Treatment and Recycling Equipment

Air Pollution Prevention, Noise Prevention and Control Equipment

Waste Treatment and Recycling Equipment

Environmental Protection Control Instrumentation

Environmental Protection Label Products

Organic Products

Plants Factory & Accessories/ Equipment


Water Resource

Water Resource Services

Water Treatment & Recycle: Drainages & Sewage, Industrial Wastewater, Wastewater/ Sewage/ Rain Recycling

Materials & Instruments/ Accessories

Water Conservancy Project & Services

Water Related Products & Accessories

Water Saving Label Devices & Accessories


Green Living Product:

Taiwan Excellence Product

Organic Product

Water-Saving Product

Plant Factory and Equipment

Energy Label Product

Carbon Footprint Label Product


Event Highlights

2017 Joint Opening Ceremony of TIGIS & TIAP & PV Taiwan

2017 Taiwan Water Industry Conference

Enabling the Taiwanese renewable energy sector

International Cleantech Forum

International Forum of Industry-Academic Cooperation and Technology- Commercialization on Carbon Reduction and Clean Coal Techonology

2017 CSR Forum

SDGs and Circular Economy Forums and Seminars

One-on-One Procurement Meeting

New Product Launch



Official website: www.GreenTaiwan.tw


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