Our Story

Go! Taiwan Go! - Embrace the world, our friends and partners.

K & A started business in 1995 as a small PCO. Our first break came from the commission of Taiwan Travel Association (TVA), thanks to Mr. Stanley Yen, to help market and organize the Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF). Since then, we expanded our business to include the management of large-scale exhibitions, trade shows among many other events. To act as Taiwan's “Friendship Ambassador” is our mission which we embrace with enthusiasm and dedicate all our efforts to the role.

With expertise in and resources from the tourism sector, we not only plan, organize and manage professional conferences, training workshops, and trade shows, etc., but also initiated, in 2007, the establishment of the association management company (AMC) in Taiwan. Senior management of professional associations and NGOs place a high premium on accomplishing grand missions and causes. The endless administration of general affairs and the smooth running of daily operation can often be a burden for small and medium organizations. The AMC fills a well-needed gap acting as the Secretariat for such entities and their chairmen/ chairwomen.

For over two decades, we have earned the trust and respect of many associations and their organizing committees, both at home and abroad. Referrals and recommendations bring in the majority of our conference business. Many of our initiatives and creative services have contributed to ensuring K & A as a quality PCO brand name in Asia. We are our customers' total-solution partner and service provider.

However, K & A's ambitious scope is not limited to those of PCO, exhibitions, and AMC. We constantly update our business blueprint and now the K & A team also focuses on expanding our destination management (DMC) division.

Resource sharing and local support are keys to the success of all our long-haul projects. In 2009 our president joined hands with like-minded partners in 20 countries and established the World PCO Alliance, in the hope that genuinely seamless “co-opetition” among these 20 members will give this industry a brighter future and at the same time turn more happy customers into long-term partners and friends.

Recently, the Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) set up a task force for destination marketing. K & A and its Alliance members have worked hard with this TPE team and successfully accomplished several missions abroad. This proves that the Alliance has been a very wise move, across the board.

Survival of the fittest is the name of the game for all businesses. Healthy growth in profit and sustainable business development can only result from proper and timely investment in quality assurance and consistency in the delivery of service for our customers. At K & A, we aim at building a team that focus on delivering delight and one success after another. “Make good things happen for you” is not just a slogan. It's what we do for a living. And we are proud to say that we have walked the talk all these years and will continue to meet and exceed clients' expectations.

Kitty Wong